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Philips Foot Pedal LFH2330

Product Code: FPPHPLFH2330 | Ships To: USA ONLY

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About this Product

The Philips LFH2330 is a revolutionary design in foot pedals. It was based off of 30 years of experience with foot pedals, customer requirements, and in close cooperation with hospital ergonomists’. This new design represents a milestone in ergonomics, reliability and working efficiency.

The LFH2330 is the ultimate foot control for professional users. An additional fourth pedal and remote configuration options provides personal convenience and administrative flexibility. The fourth pedal can be used as the “next job” function in transcription. Works with Express Scribe Transcription Software and Express Dictate Medical Legal.

Key Features

  • Slim design over predecessor, height reduced by 40%.
  • Unique fourth pedal fully customizable to help you work more efficiently
  • Anti slip bottom
  • Over 60% more weight added for stability
  • Acoustic feedback “clicks” so you know when the pedal has been depressed
  • 7ft USB Plug for PC connectivity

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10

Philips Foot Pedal LFH2330


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Works on Windows

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