AltoEdge Policies on Returns, Refunds and Chargebacks

Returns And Refunds

All products and services sold by are covered by manufacturers warranty and the AltoEdge 30-Day money-back guarantee, unless otherwise specified.

Time Limit

Merchandise under this 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Policy may be returned within 30 days of the original purchase date for a refund of the full product price at the time of purchase, not including shipping.

After the 30-Day period has elapsed, customers may be entitled to a refund or exchange only if agreed to by the original manufacturer. All such requests to the manufacturer can be made by AltoEdge on behalf of the customer.

Return Merchandise Authorization Requests

All returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) by emailing returns [at] Products returned without an RMA will incur a US$15 penalty fee.

Order Cancellation

Due to our automated systems for notifying our shipping warehouse of your order, we are unable to cancel orders prior to shipment.

Orders that are cancelled after being processed through the fulfillment center cannot be stopped. These products will always be shipped, but may be returned by the customer for a refund of the product price, not including shipping.

Faulty Products

Within 30-days of purchase you can return a faulty product for a full refund of the product price including the original shipping costs (this does *not* include the cost to return the product). A product exchange may also be requested.

After the 30-day money back guarantee has expired, all warranty repairs will be referred to the manufacturer.

A product will only be considered faulty and eligible for return if the customer has first communicated with AltoEdge Support. Our support team must agree that the product is faulty before it can be returned for an exchange or refund.

Under no circumstances will the customer be entitled to a faulty product return without first working with our technical support team.

Returning Items that are Not Faulty (Change of Mind Returns)

As per our returns policy covered on this page, you are permitted to return non-faulty items within 30 days, for a refund of the original product price, less the original shipping cost.

Any non-faulty items returned within the 30 day period MUST be returned in their ORIGINAL condition, including the original box, and any and all packaging, discs, manuals, leaflets etc. included inside the box.

Items returned that are not in their original condition with all original items contained inside the box will be subject to a US$15 restocking fee.

Product Exchanges

If you ordered the incorrect product and wish to exchange it for a different product, if the new product is cheaper than the original, AltoEdge will provide a refund on the price difference. If the new product is more expensive than the original, the customer is responsible for covering the price difference.

Products Not Delivered (Returned to Shipper)

If your product could not be delivered to you because of an invalid or incomplete address, these products will normally be returned to our distribution warehouse. If this scenario occurs, the customer is entitled to request a refund of the product price less US$15 restocking fee, not including shipping.

If the customer wishes to have their product re-shipped to them, responsibility lies with the customer for paying the re-shipping costs.

Refunding of Technical Support

When a refund is issued to a customer, the technical support charge will also be refunded if the product was found to be faulty. We will also refund if the order was cancelled before dispatch. Other circumstances may be considered, but this will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Refunding of Order

If the customer is returning a product for a refund, that refund will only be provided once we have confirmed receipt of the goods.

Refunds and Expired Credit Cards

If you are receiving a refund and your credit card has expired, we can refund you on the basis that you provide us with a new expiry date on your card. If you have since obtained a new credit card with a new number, we cannot provide a refund under these circumstances.

Credit Card Chargebacks

Under no circumstances should the customer apply for a chargeback with their credit card company without having first engaged in communication with AltoEdge.

AltoEdge will always provide a refund to the customer under the appropriate circumstances. All a customer is required to do is contact us and explain the situation.

If there are special circumstances regarding an order, AltoEdge is always prepared to give a refund to the customer, even when the eligibility criteria has not been met. Such circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

Chargebacks filed without the prior knowledge of AltoEdge will be treated as cases of fraud and reported to the relevant authorities.

If the customer wins a credit card chargeback under wrongful and fraudulent circumstances, they will be billed for the full amount of the chargeback, plus the chargeback fee.

How to Return a Product

The address for returns will be provided along with a approved RMA number, when we receive your request with following information.

All we ask is that you email your refund request with the following information to returns [at], and return the product in its original condition with its packaging. We will also need a copy of your order confirmation record and goods receipt.

Street Address:
Email Address:
Item Being Returned:
Order Number:
Order Date:
Reason for return:
What would you like us to do?

  • Replace with another of the same product
  • Refund my credit card (if you paid by credit card only)
  • Refund by posting me a check or international money order (if you paid by check only)
  • Refund by crediting my PayPal account (if you paid by PayPal)
  • Refund through wire transfer payment (if you paid by wire transfer only)

Technical Support

Click here to contact technical support if you are having trouble getting your hardware to work and cannot find the solution in our Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty Periods

The following products are covered by extended warranties, allowing you to exchange a faulty product for a new one.

  • Infinity VEC Foot Pedals (FPVECUSB) - 90 days after purchase
  • Headsets (HSVECSPUSB, HSVECHP3, HSVECSPPC, HSVECSPVC5) - 90 days after purchase
  • PCI/USB Telephony Boards (TELCTAS4, TELCTAS8, TELCTAS16, TELCTAUSB2, TELCTAUSB4) - 12 months after purchase
For information on other warranties, please read the documentation packaged with the product.