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How to Create Video Blogs

This article is intended for Windows and Mac users wishing to create video blogs (vlogs) for posting on websites such as YouTube. This article applies to both Windows and Mac users.

  • A Web Camera for recording video direct to your PC, or you can purchase a dedicated video camera for high quality, professional recording.
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
  • For recording on Windows: The Debut Video Capture Software.
  • For recording and editing on Windows: The VideoPad Video Editor Software.
  • For recording and editing on Mac OS X: Apple iMovie (part of the iLife Suite).
  • An account with YouTube or your favourite vlogging website.

  • Most Windows laptops and all recent Mac computers have in-built cameras, you should be able to find it located just above the screen. If in doubt, please consult the manufacturer.
  • All Windows laptops and all Macs will have in-built microphones.
  • All Macs come with the Apple iLife Software Suite included.

  1. If using a standalone camera: Using the instructions supplied with the web camera, install the camera and the device drivers for the camera.

  2. For Windows: Download and install the Debut Video Capture Software.

  3. The software will open automatically after installation. Debut will try to automatically detect your webcam, but if there are any issues, either click on the 'Webcam' button in the main screen, or go into the Options -> 'Devices' tab and select your web camera there. Also make sure the 'Capture Sound' option is checked in the same tab.

  4. Once this is done, you can commence your recordings. To later edit these recordings, download and install the VideoPad Video Editor Software.

  5. For Macs: Use the Apple iLife Software Suite to create and edit your video recordings.

  6. Once you have completed and edited your recordings, upload the final video file to YouTube or your favourite vlogging website.

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