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How to Convert VHS Tapes to DVD or Digital Format

This article is intended for Windows users wishing to convert their analog VHS cassette tapes to either DVD or digital format for storage on their computer or mobile device.

  • Video format standards vary from country to country, so you need to ensure the video capture device driver is configured for the format of your country. Please see this article for countries using the NTSC standard, and this article for countries that support the PAL standard.
  • If using a video capture device with a separate audio 3.5mm (1/8 inch) plug, and you are connecting it to a laptop computer, you must go into the Windows sound settings in the Control Panel and adjust the properties on the Sound Input (Microphone) Device to reduce the gain / volume of the input signal. If this is not done then your recorded audio will sound distorted.
  • Remember to go into the driver settings for the video capture device and enable the "Link Related Streams" option, otherwise you will not be able to capture any audio.

  1. Using the supplied instructions, connect the USB Video Capture Device to your computer, and install the supplied drivers. If the device has a separate 3.5mm (1/8 inch) plug for the audio, plug that in as well (use the blue Line-In port for a desktop computer, for a laptop use the microphone socket).

  2. Download and install the Golden Videos VHS to DVD Converter Software.

  3. The software will open automatically after installation. The Capture Device Setup will automatically open if the software detects a capture device. You will see a preview screen displaying what is being captured live through the device, and you also can check that you have selected the correct capture video and sound device, selected the correct device input, and configured the device settings correctly.

  4. On the same screen click on 'Inputs', and in the window that appears, ensure you have selected the correct 'Input' device, and check the 'Link Related Streams' box to allow the audio to be captured as well.

  5. Back on the same screen, click on 'Settings', and in the 'Video Decoder' tab of the window that appears, select the video standard used for your country (see the notes section for more information). This page will also tell you if there is an active signal coming through, as the 'Signal Detected' field will change from 0 to 1.

  6. On the same screen again, double-check that the 'Video Device', 'Video Input', and 'Format' are all correct.

  7. Once all these settings are confirmed, you can work through the rest of the setup wizard. Once you get to the last page, you can commence your video capture.

  8. As part of this capturing process, if you chose to burn the video recording to DVD in the setup wizard, the Golden Videos software will open (or download and install) the Express Burn DVD Disc Burning Software. It is this software that will burn your recordings to DVD.

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