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USB vDictate (No Software)

Product Code: DCVDUSBNS | Ships To: World Wide Shipping Available

About this Product

Hand held dictation device that plugs into a computer USB port and lets you control dictation software like a traditional dictation recorder. It is a Plug & Play device powered by the computer USB port so it does not require any batteries, cassette tapes, disks or memory cards.

**Note: This device does not come with Express Dictate software.

Key Features

  • This controller has FOUR buttons, 'RECORD', 'PLAY/STOP', 'REWIND', 'FAST FORWARD'.
  • You operate this controller with your thumb: when you press RECORD the Express Dictate Icon on the desktop turns RED and your dictation is recorded directly to the computer hard drive.
  • You press PLAY and the in-built speaker allows you to rapidly check the recording just made.
  • When you press REWIND or FAST FORWARD you can hear the audio scan just like a Cassette Recorder.
  • If you make an mistake you just press RECORD again at the spot of your error and the recording overwrites.
  • All of the buttons are of the "soft touch" variety, they only require a single touch to operate. There is no need hold the buttons down, so you can use the controller for long periods of time with minimal fatigue.
  • It is fast - you can switch between PLAY,RECORD and PLAY with single button presses.
  • This device has both a microphone and speaker.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10
  • Works on Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.11
  • Spare USB Port
  • We also recommend the FREE Express Scribe software for transcription of your dictation files.

USB vDictate (No Software)


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Works on Windows Plus Works on Mac

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