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Olympus DR-1200 Professional Dictation Bundle

Product Code: DR1200EDBUNDLE | Ships To: USA, Canada ONLY

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About this Product

The AltoEdge Professional Dictation solution comes with the following:

  • 1 x Olympus DR-1200 USB Dictation Microphone
  • 1 x License to Express Dictate Encryption Class Software (Digital Download ONLY, box shown is for representation purposes only!)

    Olympus DR-1200 - The latest generation of USB microphones expands Olympus' “simple, reliable, flexible and secure” design concept by augmenting it with “integration” – boosting productivity to new levels. The DR-1200 is a total system solution with available device configuration software and a Software Development Kit (SDK) for IT administrators and systems integrators. A new trackball allows for one-handed operation helping to make this the perfect input device for speech recognition.


  • Intuitively positioned button layout enabling single-handed control with push button and track ball.
  • Low-noise directional microphone that blocks unwanted background noises, guaranteeing ultra-clear dictation recording.
  • 5 programmable buttons allow for customization of the designated buttons to suit any recording condition or environment.
  • A triple-color LED that shows the current recording status.

    More on the Olympus DR-1200

    Express Dictate Digital Dictation Software - is a voice recording program that works like a dictaphone. It lets you use your PC or Mac to send dictation to your typist by email, internet or over a computer network.


  • Digital audio recording with superb signal processing quality.
  • Record to wav, mp3 or dct formats.
  • Automatic non-destructive editing with multiple record modes including record-insert, record-overwrite and record-at-end
  • Voice activated recording so long silences are not recorded.
  • Ability to prompt for patient or file data before recording starts.
  • Supports encryption, perfect to secure patient or client data for transmission over the Internet (HIPAA compliant)
  • Dock analog or digital handheld dictation recorders and transmit recordings made when away from your computer
  • Attach additional files or notes for your typist to recordings.
  • Audio compression to reduce file and transmission size.
  • Easy-to-use interface so you can be dictating in just minutes!

    This digital dictation software can dramatically improve turn-around time and lets you work wherever you want. It is quicker to send, higher quality and more reliable than traditional dictation options. It will also keep track of the progress of work and expected completion time.

    More on Express Dictate by NCH Software

    Key Features

    System Requirements

    • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10
    • Works on Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.11
    • Free USB port.

  • Olympus DR-1200 Professional Dictation Bundle


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    Works on Windows Plus Works on Mac

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