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Trillium Handset Phone Recording Adapter - USB

CRTRIRADPUSB - Setup Instructions

The USB Call Recording adapter provides an audio connection from your telephone to your computer USB port for recording telephone conversations. It can be used with most telephones fitted with a modular handset cord and is perfect for NCH Swift Sound's VRS Multiple Line Phone Recorder or TRx Single Phone Line Recorder.

The USB Call Recording Adapter is suitable for use with a Windows PC (XP Service Pack 2, 2000 Service Pack 3) and Mac OS-X.

The following instructions are relevant for both the Call Recording adapter (product code 'CRTRIRADPUSB') and the Record/Announce adapter (product code 'CRTRIRADPUSBCA').


Installing your Telephone Recording Adapter
  1. Unplug the telephone handset cord from the telephone.
  2. Plug the Adapter telephone handset cord into the telephone hadset socket.
  3. Plug the telephone handset cord into the handset socket on the Adapter.
  4. Use the supplied USB cable, connect the recroding adapter to your computer's USB port.
  5. When you first connect the Adapter you computer should recognise the USB device and install the appropriate drivers. The following message may appear (usually in the bottom right hand corner of your screen) as the computer loads the drivers for the new audio connection:
    • "Found New Hardware USB Device"
    • "Found New Hardware USB Composite Device"
    • "Found New Hardware USB Device"
    • "Found New Hardware USB Audio Device"
    • "Found New Hardware USB Human Interface Device"
    • "Found New Hardware Your new hardware is installed and ready to use"
    Note: If a similar audio device has been previously connected then these notices may not appear
  6. When the device is installed and connected your system will automatically set the adapter as the default device for all audio, including playback of recordings, playing system alerts & music etc. To re-set your system sound card as the default audio device:
    • Cick on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sound and Audio Devices > choose the Audio Tab. In the Sound Playback Box select your system sound card as the default device.
    • In the Sound Recording Box select USB Audio Device, then click on Volume.
    • The Wave In dialogue box will appear. Click on Advanced
    • In the Advanced Controls for Wave dialogue box un-check AGC.
    • Close the Advanced Controls for Wave and the Wave In dialogue boxes.
    • In the Sound Recording Box select you system sound card as the default device.
    • Click Apply then Close.
  7. The indicator LED light on the Recording Adapter should now glow Red or Orange showing it has been recognised by the USB software.
  8. List the telephone handset and select the handset selector switch position which will make the Indicator LED glow Orange.
  9. You are ready to go!
Adjusting the Record Adapter's "Level Control"

Although the recording level can be controlled via the VRS and TRx call recording applications you can also adjust the recording levels through the USB device.

  1. Call a friend and record a 2 way conversation.
  2. Play back the conversation.
  3. If the level of your voice is too low then gradually turn the level control clockwise (or anit-clockwise if it is too high). Repeat these steps adjusting the "Level Control" to give a balanced recording.

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