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Samson USB Condenser Mic

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About this Product

The C01U is USB compatible with any Mac or PC, as well as most DAW software programs, including GarageBand. It also comes with Cakewalk's Sonar LE digital audio workstation software. Its supreme ability to produce pristine audio recordings with ease and moblity, along with a desktop mic stand, mic clip, USB cable and carry pouch also included, makes the C01U a most valueable addition to any studio. Once drawing inspiration from the wildly successful C01 unit, the C01U is now the foundation and best-seller of Samson’s extensive line of USB microphones. The C01U features a large 19mm shockmounted diaphragm efficient in reproducing both low- and high-volume sounds with equal articulation. The cardioid pickup pattern provides a smooth, flat frequency response. Capturing audio at 16-bit resolution up to a 48kHz sampling rate, the C01U offers the accuracy you need to be sure that what you hear is what you get. The C01U is essential for any level of musician, but its versatility can be applied to create audio solutions for anyone who records audio, particularly podcasters, educators, and business professionals.

Key Features

  • test

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10

Samson USB Condenser Mic


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