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Microsoft LifeChat LX-4000 Headset

Product Code: HSLX4000 | Ships To: USA ONLY

About this Product

This headset with a single earpiece lets you hear what’s going on around you and still take care of business. The ultra-wideband digital audio provides clear, acoustically accurate sound. The highly sensitive, noise canceling microphone gives you the confidence that you are being heard even when you’re surrounded by a noisy workspace.

Key Features

  • The single earpiece provides the ability to handle calls and still hear everything around you.
  • Meetings and conference calls will be more productive as voices clearly cut through even noisy surroundings.
  • Adjust volume or mute on the fly with handy inline controls. And the call indicator light lets people know you’re “busy.”
  • No software. Just plug it in and you’re in business.
  • An ergonomically influenced earpiece and a 270-degree adjustable microphone provide all-day comfort.
  • High-speed USB compatible with the USB 2.0 specification

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10
  • Works on Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.11
  • Spare USB Port.

Microsoft LifeChat LX-4000 Headset


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