About Us

AltoEdge Hardware

AltoEdge is an online hardware store dedicated to bringing both home consumers and businesses the highest quality products and customer service we can deliver. We have been selling hardware for many years and take pride in only offering tried and tested, professional quality hardware options.

As a partner company to NCH Software, many of the hardware solutions you will find at AltoEdge are designed to work with NCH Software applications. Examples of these pairings include:

AltoEdge Hardware
NCH Software
Call Recording Adapters
Handset & Direct Line Interfaces
VRS Multi-Channel Call Recording
TRx Single Line Call Recorder
Professional Telephony Cards
PCI Cards & USB Devices
VRS Multi-Channel Call Recording
IVM Interactive Voice Response
Dial Dictate Phone-in Dictation Server
Dictation & Transcription
Foot Pedals & Dictation Controllers
Express Dictate PC/Mac Dictation
Express Scribe Transcription Player
Multi-Channel Sound Cards
PCI Devices
VRS Multi-Channel Call Recording
MSRS Court & Conference Recorder
IMS Music & Messages On Hold
USB Audio Devices
USB Turntables
Guitar Adapter
Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter
WavePad Audio Editing Software
MixPad Multi Track Recording & Mixing
RecordPad Sound Recording Software
USB Video Capture Devices
VCR & Camcorder to PC
Debut Video Capture
Golden Videos VHS to DVD Converter
Express Burn Video DVD Burning
USB VoIP Devices
Phones, Video Phones, Conference Devices
Express Talk Video Softphone
Quorum Conference Server
Axon Virtual PBX
IP Telephones
Phones for VoIP Networks
Express Talk Video Softphone
Axon Virtual PBX
IMS Music & Messages On Hold
NCH Software specializes in developing applications for dictation and transcription, audio and video, telephony, as well as other business and utility products. Visit www.nchsoftware.com for additional software solutions to help you plug in to a digital world.