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Infinity USB Gaming Foot Pedal

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About this Product

Getting an extra edge is easy!

  • First you must download the free Pedalware application
  • Next plug your foot controller into an available USB port
  • Then run Pedalware to custom configure your foot controller pedals
  • Finally, fire up your favorite computer game and take control of your destiny

Application Foot Controller by VEC

Gaming Foot Control

These high quality, rugged USB foot controllers connect to your Windows PC to control computer games and applications by mapping mouse clicks, key strokes or text to each of the 3 "pedal" controls - right, center, and left.

Whether you want to jump, run, fight, brake, accelerate, chat, pause, execute a macro, or even insert your favorite text or emotes into a text conversation over the internet, these foot controllers allow you to take control of your gaming and applications with your feet as well as your hands.


Free Gaming Foot Control Software

Pedalware will let you emulate keyboard and mouse functionality with a foot pedal, so that with a tap of your foot you can make a complicated command without delay.

This clever little piece of software can be used to control any software game or application on your computer, running in the background so it never gets in the way.

Of course, you can also program your foot controller to insert sentences or emotes that you frequently use during chat sessions with your friends, or use it to skip or replay songs with a press of your foot while your work, the uses are endless!

Key Features

  • USB Gaming Foot Controller

System Requirements

Infinity USB Gaming Foot Pedal


Our Price:

Only $69.95 USD

Product Currently Unavailable


Works on Windows Plus Works on Mac

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