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GN-USB Desktop Microphone

MCVECGNUSB - Setup Instructions

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GN-USB Desktop Microphone

This microphone requires a USB port, a computer soundcard or other audio device.


Setting up the GN-USB Desktop Microphone for Professional Audio Recording is easy. Just follow the instructions below:
  1. Turn on your Computer
  2. Connect the USB jack to an open USB port on your computer.
  3. Open ExpressDictate and go to Options.
  4. Under Devices in Sound Record Device choose either "Default Sound In" or if you see "Microphone (2- USB PnP Audio Device)" choose this.
  5. Click OK to close and save.
  6. Create a new dictation file and record a test sample of audio. If the DB Display does not move this is an indication that no audio is being recorded. Check that you have connected the microphone correctly and try again.
  7. Rewind the file to the beginning and check whether the audio was successfully recorded.
  8. Once you can record and replay audio you are ready to go!

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